Sub grantee contract signing at the Project Inception Workshop in Accra Ghana

Project Support Mission to W.A.T.E.R Nigeria

Project Support Mission to C.D.I Nigeria

Project Inception Workshop - Accra Ghana

Regional South-South Exchange Workshop in Addis, Ethiopia Oct 2017


Pan-African Forest-Dependent Indigenous Peoples FCPF Capacity Building Program on REDD+

The Facility has since inception has become a global partnership of governments, businesses, civil society and Indigenous peoples with its main focus being laying the ground for future REDD+ activities, and piloting performance-based payment systems. In this regard, the FCPF has chosen MPIDO through a competitive process to implement the project aimed at strengthening the knowledge of the targeted forest-dependent indigenous peoples of REDD+ readiness at the National level and the knowledge exchange at the regional level in the African region.

MPIDO was selected as an implementing organization based on its capacity to implement project activities and its credibility at the regional level to address issues related to forestry, climate change and REDD+. PACJA (PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance) was equally chosen on the same objectives to the Civil Societies and Local Communities in Africa.

The regional project is implemented between June 2016 and June 2018 with exclusive FCPF funding. MPIDO in turn facilitated an open process of selecting in a competitive manner, from eligible countries, national organizations that would implement national level activities in line with the agreed objectives of the program as well as in complementarity with the national REDD+ plans and goals in the eligible country.
Pursuant to the Project, MPIDO is supporting the following organizations for National Level activity implementation:

Project Development Objective (PDO):

(i) The knowledge of targeted forest-dependent indigenous peoples of REDD+ Readiness at the national level
(ii) Knowledge exchange at the regional level.


ETHIOPIA: The Initiative for Living Community Action

About Sustainable development through community participation via integrated development approaches of indigenous knowledge with modern technology is ILCA’s organizational goal.

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CAMEROON: Le Forum des Femmes Autochtones du Cameroun (FFAC)

The Forum of Indigenous Women of Cameroon (FFAC) is an organizationdefendingand promoting the rights of indigenous Mbororos and Pygmies women in Cameroon. It works for the well-being of these.

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REPALEAC is a sub-regional network with national representations from 10 countries within the Central African Region including Cameroon and the Congo Basin. The representation from Cameroon is a platform that brings together close to twenty-seven (32) Indigenous Peoples’ associations

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LIBERIA: The Community Development Initiative (CDI).

The Community Development Initiative (CDI) Inc., is a National IPOs, NGO, not for profit, non - political and established in June 18, 2013 by five Liberian. CDI was incorporated by the Liberia Business Registry and gained accreditation status from Key Government Line Ministries. CDI is involved in forest government, Biodiversity, Conservation and Agro-forestry Activities.

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NIGERIA: Wise Administration of Terrestrial Environment and Resources (WATER)

WATER is not-for-profit organization and is working with forest dependent communities in Cross River State of Nigeria to conserve biodiversity, reduce deforestation for the benefit of present and future generations.

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REP. OF CONGO: Association Debout Femme Autochtone du Congo (ADFAC)

ADFAC is a nonprofit organization that aims to assist national and international policy in the context of protecting and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples, specifically women and youth, in the fight against poverty.

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SUDAN: Sudan for Development and Humanitarian Aids Organization (SAWA)

SSDHA organization is non-governmental organization, non-profitable, established in 2008 in Khartoum as federal organization, then moved to other states; in Darfour and Blue Nile states.

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UGANDA: Pro Bio-Diversity Conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU)

The Pro-biodiversity conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU), representing a group of organizations and networks: Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Indigenous Peoples (UCSCIP), United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU) and Kalamoja Women Cultural group. PROBICOU is a network of organizations that work to promote the rights of indigenous people in Uganda with special reference to the Batwa, Benet and Karamojong.

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Projects Documents

Regional Documents

Pan African map of redd+ countries
ILCA Implementation Support Mission Report
MPIDO Aide Memoire - June 2016 mission
PACJA Aide Memoire - June 2016 mission
Summary of Sub-grantee Profiles-July-Sep 2017

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